We've got a bit of a wrapping problem...

Over the last century, we’ve developed an unhealthy habit of using man-made materials to wrap and package our products. We’re passionate about taking our inspiration from nature and developing solutions that, just like nature, will degrade in any natural environment.

To us, sustainability doesn’t just mean natural materials, it means looking at the whole lifecycle. We make sure that our solutions are sustainable from start to finish.

Materials that disappear

When we first started investigating the plastic pollution crisis we found that while there were a lot of great innovations out there, they relied on industrial infrastructure to process them at the end of life. Our core mission was to develop a material that could degrade, like a twig or a branch, in any natural environment. If any of our materials reach marine or soil environments at their end of life, they will be broken back down into benign organic compounds.

Products engineered to be sustainable

Most packaging is made up of multiple different materials, making recycling near impossible even with the best intentions. We take a holistic approach to engineering our products, and consider their whole lifecycle - from manufacture to use and finally disposal. Our innovations use mono-material assemblies wherever possible and are of course all completely compostable. 

Open & Transparent

We’re proud of our process, our innovation and our impact. We track all our raw ingredients as well as our carbon footprint and would be happy to talk through our methodology as we work together. We also appreciate that we are all facing one of the greatest challenges of our time, and would love to share our knowledge and understanding to help your business become more sustainable. 

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